This is our most popular item, the Binary Clock.  It clock can be read in True Binary (1,2,4,8,16,32 across) or in Easy BCD (1,2,4,8 bottom to top.)  BCD example to the left; read by adding the illuminated lights in each column.  The time would be 10:48.36.  For more detailed instructions on how to read a binary clock, view our example.

Binary Clock

available in Red or Blue LEDs

Marque Messager
Alarm / Message Clock

Create and display up to 4 different messages.  Each message up to 28 characters.  Message and time saved even if power is lost.  Plug it in or use battery power.  Adjustable scroll speed.

Three display options
Clock Only
Message Only
Message & Time

LED Sand Timer

LED Sand Timer runs on 3 "AA" batteries (not included).   Great for the kitchen, board games or anytime you need to time something.  The modern replacement of the old "Sand Timer".  Watch the digital sand fall from top to bottom as the time elapses.  Loaded with features.  view full item details

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The XLD (Extra Large Display) mounts on a wall or sits on a credenza.  It comes with a power supply as well as battery backup (3 AA batteries not included.) Require electricity from electric socket (will not run on batteries alone).

Size: 31.25 cm X 31.25 cm X 3.25 cm thick

Ships only via Priority Post 7-10 day delivery (very large box).  Blue is out of stock.

Binary Clock

available in Red or Blue LEDs with an Extra Large Display